12 Week Challenge

Prep for the 12 Week Challenge!

I have been accepted onto the 12 Week Challenge which is being run by Bio Synergy and I can’t wait to get started! My friend achieved great results when she undertook the Challenge last year so I have seen just how effective the Challenge can be when followed properly. The Challenge starts next week and Bio Synergy have provided me with lots of information ahead of the start date. I have been liaising with Ann Mather who is providing the nutrition and exercise expertise throughout the Challenge and she has given me some great tips for how I can fit my new routine into my lifestyle and around my working commitments. Ann has already changed my view point on many food groups that I used to eat and I’ve been making changes to my diet and eating habits in accordance with Ann’s advice ahead of the Challenge starting formally on Monday 23rd April.
I’m finding already that I’m put off unhealthy foods as a result of all of the information received from Ann. It’s a complete re-education in terms of diet and exercise for me! I used to spend hours doing endless cardio routines in the gym and am looking forward to getting into the new exercise plan which Ann has designed for me which is incredibly varied and will push me out of my cardio comfort zone! I would like to lose weight and generally tone up and settle into a healthy, balanced eating plan which I can follow permanently. Ann has designed a nutrition plan in accordance with my new exercise routine and I think this is where I have been going wrong in the past by not eating the right amount of certain food groups in relation to how much exercise I was doing – it will be interesting to see the effects of a professionally-devised diet and exercise regime!
My main apprehension is about the different types of exercise I will be doing – my new plan is so different to everything I’ve done before and involves outdoor running which I’m not very good at. Hopefully I’ll be able to report a vast improvement in my stamina shortly – update to follow soon!