Bio-Synergy Athletes

A Quick Hello…

Hi everyone, just thought I’d introduce myself as I am pleased to announce a new athlete sponsorship deal with Bio Synergy.
I am Annalese Ferrari (yes that is my real name!) and I am a female racing driver based in Bedfordshire. I have been racing for several years and although there is that age old myth that “women can’t drive” I have managed to win several races and championship in a full male grid! This year, I am currently doing some testing, which is in car training completing laps around different circuits, trying different setups etc and will be competing in the last 4/5 rounds of the AirAsia Renault Clio Cup. The series is a support race to the British Touring Car Championship which some of you may have seen on the ITV4. It is a proving ground for up and coming drivers who progress on to higher levels and are usually very successful.
Many of you are probably wondering why a driver would need sports nutrition. Firstly, racing is very tiring. It demands high levels of concentration and reaction, sometimes for hours at a time in endurance racing, and it is essential that a driver keeps hydrated and energised. The season in the UK is run April-October when our weather is at it’s warmest and being inside a car with all of your racing gear on can get very hot! I am looking forward to using Bio Synergy Sports Fuel at the track to keep me alert and hydrated! Also, outside of the track, it is important to keep at a high level of fitness to maintain stamina and strength endurance whilst driving but also keeping to a low weight. I am looking forward to using Fitness Waters, Whey Better Protein and Creatine Boost to aid my gym based training which includes a varied cardio and weights programme.
I am looking forward to sharing my training and racing updates with you and how I find using the Bio-Synergy products to aid my training!