12 Week Challenge

12-Week Challenge – The Anticipation

I was very pleased that I was picked to become part of the next team for the 12-week challenge.  As a former competitive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu wrestler and now a rock climber, I really never had my diet under control.  As we prepare to begin the 12-week challenge next week, I took the time to follow famouslyfit nutritionist, Ann Mather’s, advice on initial steps towards eating and also reflected on how she assessed my food diary.  After a full week of eating loads of fruits and vegetables and lots of good proteins as per Ann’s advice, I received information on what to do next today.
With the amount of training I do, I am impressed by her advice and realised the extent of how important Bio Synergy’s sports supplements really are to supplement intense sport training, recovery and weight loss.  Already from her advice, I’ve lost 2.2 kilos and leaned down considerably.  I have also noticed a big difference in my energy levels where I’ve found it easy to get up when my alarm goes off and not hit the snooze button 3 times and I also noticed that I no longer have stomach pains occasionally from eating, where I no longer feel bloated or sluggish.  I actually decided to test out how well my body has reacted to the good diet and ate a sugary muffin and an extra latte today that used to feel like a normal thing.  I didn’t really like it and to be honest, didn’t feel like touching bad food again.  The idea of chips even made me feel ill.
At the moment, I’m trying to get my head around the nutrition plan she has written up, but also I am excited and amazed to see how my diet is set to how I train and how to recover from my rock climbing.
The supplements she recommends:

  • Skinny water
  • Body perfect
  • Pinnothin
  • Skinny Protein Shakes
  • Thermogen
  • CLA Slimming
  • Fitness Water
  • Pure Energy Sports Drink

I will let you know how I get on and the impact of Bio Synergy’s products on my rock climbing and training performance.  Looking forward!