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The Euro's are coming!!!

Hi Everyone, the European Champs are way too close for my liking, I’m at the stage where you doubt whether you’ ve prepped enough, even though you clearly know you have. Training in the Alps this Winter has been amazing, if not a little volatile, I mean you go for a cheeky 10k and do not expect gale force winds to be blowing slabs of snow off the roofs but dodging all that debris does make the time fly by. Anyway, spring is upon us in the Valley, the fields are turning green, the snow line is rising and most importantly I can wear a pair of shorts to train in without frost bite being a serious concern. Whilst all my friends are enjoying ice cream in the sun I’ve turned to protein pancakes with strawberry’s, definitely helps me with my weight loss.
After a recent lay-off due to injury, training has been going well – my consistancy is back and the speed is getting there. Although, out of the blue we had more snow this week: a LOT more snow. The valley and mountains looked amazing but it did make my hill run in the morning interesting. Also meant I had to return the bike to the turbo trainer on the balcony, not as much fun but always a great session for some intense cycling. Just got a strength session do to in the gym tonight followed by 400m run repeats, hideous session but a great one for getting speed in my legs. Definitely require the protein for recovery after this one, personal favourite at the minute is whey protein blended with water, ice and a banana.
Just 7 days hard training left before I fly to Isreal – I hear it was 37 degrees the other day so it should make for an interesting race. Let’s hope for some great sessions this week to get the confidence high. I’ll keep you posted.