12 Week Challenge

6 Weeks Gone!

It is six weeks gone and I found my discipline a little shaken due to graduation, but I thought it was okay to jump off the wagon for a couple of days and then bounce back on.  Though I put on weight, I lost it again by today, so I feel okay.  The thing about the 12-week challenge is that it taught me to figure out food as a lifestyle choice and not as a diet or just to lose weight.  I am still amazed at how little of our food is actually good for us!!!  However, I also learned that no matter how much one or two foods are healthy for me, I can’t eat them!  So I have learned to vary my diet and realised how I need to plan and cook a bit more at home to eat well and keep myself interested in healthy food.  Over the past six weeks, I’ve invested in two cookbooks and plenty of food storage boxes, as well as plenty of water bottles!
Anyway, my schedule this week is back to normal – no exams, no family visiting from overseas and no health issues, so I am back on the wagon this week and looking forward to new challenges.  Thank you so much again to Ann and John.  They really make me feel I can be honest with myself and my diary and not worry about feeling too judged when I fell off the wagon for two days.