12 Week Challenge

Slow progress in week 7!

Hello All. Just a quick update on how I’ve found week 7 – not great! I’ve been ill this week and my diet plan and exercise routine has suffered as a result. I was hoping to really focus during this last week but that just didn’t happen as I wasn’t feeling very well. However, I’m back to feeling fine today in time to start week 8 afresh and really focus on getting back on track. I didn’t lose any weight or inches in the last week but at the same time I didn’t put anything back on so I guess I should be really grateful for that!
I’d set myself a little goal of losing another 6lbs by the end of June and I don’t know if I’ll manage that now since I was ill last week and my progress slowed right down but I’m still going to aim for that. It’s good to have something to work towards! I’m off work a few days this coming week and am going to squeeze in some extra workouts since I’ll have more time to work out – so hopefully week 8 will be a lot more productive than week 7!