Bio-Synergy Athletes

Scott Wilson Bio Synergy Athlete – European Biketrial cup, Denmark

At the beginning of the year I took some time off from riding to work for a few months. Last week I finished this Job meaning I can now get back into riding again, training and competing as much as I can.
I immediately jumped into the deep end by competing in the 2nd round of the European cup In Denmark this weekend. After only 1 week (well 4 days) back on my bike after 3 months off, I wasn’t expecting much, instead using this weekend as training and to shack off some of the cobwebs.
Arriving at the venue It was hot, Very hot! The competition was held at Viborg trials and parkour park and was made up fully of man made obstacles. This meant It was going to be both very draining and would consist of big power moves, the exact opposite of what I needed at this moment in time.
The competition didn’t start great. During warm up, doing a gap jump my rear wheel axle snapped sending me flying into the edge of a concrete slab. Not only had I broken my rear wheel (Luckily I had a spare with me) I now had what can only be described as a giant extra knee cap in the middle of my shin!
Once the competition started things didn’t get that much better, on my second section I landed on the metal edge of a 6ft high cotton reel, causing me to fly off it and fall straight onto the floor on my back – It didn’t hurt at the time but now all the bruising is coming out, it is!
I was a bit more reserved after that. Riding ok but not great. I was feeling confident for my 3rd lap, I knew what I could do and could of got a good score….but it turns out I had heard wrong and there was only 2 laps, oops!!
I ended the day 5th and bottom of the elite class, so not ideal. I was only a couple of points off the 4th place rider, which is good considering my lack of riding, however I know I should have beaten him!