Fitness Tip of the Week

#WorldHealthDay stay happy and healthy by keeping it simple.

Fat Free Results In Fat Loss
Fat in your diet is vitally important to keeping your system healthy. Look at what fat you are eating a try to get fats from good sources such as nuts, organic oils, salmon, eggs.
Increased Sugar Intake Results in Diabetes
You get diabetes when your body cannot produce enough insulin to control blood sugar levels. Staying inactive and being overweight as you grow older puts you at risk of getting diabetes.
Eating Egg Yolk Leads to High Cholesterol Levels
Yes egg yolks contain cholesterol, but the affect they have on cholesterol is minimal. Eggs provide your day’s requirement of selenium, folate and and Vitamin B12. So eating eggs can be a great way to keep healthy with a good source of fat for energy.
Go Carb-Free to Lose Weight
Complex carbs in small portions through the day can help you efficiently burn body fat and lose weight