12 Week Challenge

whoop whoop WHAT a fantastic week! :)

Hi all….. Hope you are all progressing well on your individual plans and making the progress you are seeking….. keep pushing guys as we only have a limited time left, so time to make it really matter! We CAN do this and we ARE doing this! Be proud of your progress so far, as I think, despite injuries and the odd slip off the waggon, we’ve all done remarkably well! So far, I have found the challenge completely life-changing and inspiring – it has truly changed my entire take on life and I’ve made lifestyle changes which have been easier than I anticipated and which I will continue to uphold once the challenge is over. It has re-inforced my drive and desire to train to become a personal fitness trainer, specialising in mums regaining their fitness and pre-baby figures. I intend to begin the process of training and forming a business plan for my new venture once the challenge is over………. a New Year and a new start for me, hopefully building a successful business doing something I have a passion for and working this around my oh-so-important family life…. wish me luck! 😉
As for more recent progress, I’ve had an excellent week. I’ve not suffered so badly with sweet cravings the second half of this week, probably due to the exercise-induced high I’ve been on! I added another mid-week run to help put more fat-burning cardio training into my schedule and then there was the PARTY IN PINK ZUMBATHON on Friday evening with over 300 zumba-mad dancers coming together for a frenzied 2 hours of Latino buzz. It was hot, sweety, exhilarating and fantastic fun where I burnt 1,112 kcal and we all raised over £3,000 for Cancer Research! Go us! 🙂 I had to cancel my Saturday morning run due to my over-exersion at the zumbathon the night before, however, I did go and ride Parsley (my horse) who thought it would be fun to tank off with me aboard across the fields. I found myself with no brakes but figured she wasn’t THAT fit, so she would slow down once she ran out of steam…. which invariably, she did! Naughty mare! At least she has a good sense of humour!
As for adding a weekly relaxing swimming session, I haven’t had a chance yet, but we will see what the forthcoming weeks bring! I’ve been using the Sleep Cycle application on my iphone every night and I’ve noticed I am sleeping very deeply at the moment, which is a good thing as my muscles need time to rest and repair in between training sessions. However, I think I am falling short of the desired 8 hours a night by around 45 minutes on average…. so time to go to bed a little earlier I think! 😉
I was also lucky enough to win, in a raffle, an hour’s one to one lesson in either pole dance or ballet fitness at Studio 22 where I train, so I shall be arranging this soon…. watch this space for updates!
Good luck to you all and hope you are enjoying this challenge as much as I am! 🙂