12 Week Challenge

Week 3

This week I stuck to the plan very well and basically ate meat with salad or veg all week. Then I had a bit of lapse at the weekend as I went out on Friday and Saturday night which involved drinking and eating out, though I did manage to limit my drinking and didn’t drink what I normally would and ate healthy(ish) food whilst out.
Despite the going out on Friday and Saturday, I have lost a cm off my waist which I am very happy with but I haven’t yet gained much muscle, I haven’t lost either though which I thought I might with the change in diet and all the exercise. I am now starting week 4 and I am hoping my exercise plan will change next week as I would like to do more resistance work as with the current amount I don’t think I will make much muscle gains by the end of the 12 weeks. I would also like to start swimming again as I need to work on my swimming by the time I start the triathlon season next year.
I am really enjoying being on the plan as it is giving me loads of motivation and making me go to the gym when I normally would decide I can’t be bothered, I’ve even been getting up two hours earlier and going before work which is working out very well.