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UCI Trials World Cup

20th Augest
This weekend I was In Antwerp for round 3 of the UCI Trials World cup. Due to the UCI series not being my main focus this year and partly because of the cost of it, this was the 2nd and probably the last round I will do of the 5 round series.
This worked quite well for me as there was no reason for me to think about ‘the big picture’ I could just go there and ride my bike.
The whole event was great, run over 3 days with huge support from companies such as Volvo and Red Bull and the city of Antwerp. We were next to the main part of the City and combining this with Sunny 30+ weather we attracted large, supportive crowds.
I was riding well throughout the day, having some really good rides on difficult sections. I made too many odd mistakes during the competition on the easier sections and also had some observer decisions made against me which I didn’t feel were right, which made my overall score and result pretty poor, however as I said this result ‘didn’t matter’ so much and I do think this was the best I have ridden all year and has given me good motivation as I enter the final part of the season
I have uploaded a gallery of pictures from the competiton ( thanks mum :p) have a look and see what the Antwerp world cup was like.
I have also just added a gallery from my week In the Czech republic at Dressler camp. These are some great professional pictures from my friend and hero of the trials community Lukas Burianek. I hope you enjoy them, you get a great sense of what the event was like and how fun it was.