Fitness Tip of the Week

How to Kickstart Your Day

Getting a clean start out of the blocks every morning isn’t always easy  – but here are a few quick tips to avoiding those false starts that could derail your entire day.

  1. Breakfasts are like Anniversaries. Miss one and you’re dead. Don’t have time for a full English? Fear not. Keep some lean protein powder on hand (try Whey Better or Skinny Protein) along with some fresh or frozen fruit so you can blend up a complete brekkie in under 2 mins (chugging optional).
  2. Snooze buttons are for losers. You’re cheating yourself when you reach for that button – dozing fitfully is a much less restful form of sleep. Set the alarm 10 minutes earlier than optimal wake-up time, allowing for only a single opportunity to roll over.
  3. Get Your Full 8. Catching up on Corrie until midnight won’t help you. Blast out of your sleep deficit by going to bed a half hour earlier. It allows your muscles to repair and strengthen to launch you into tomorrow.
  4. Snacking is normal. Prepare for it. Even a healthy breakfast isn’t enough – your body needs fuel every 2-3 hours. Avoid the hunger bug by prepping with some veggies or seeds to tide you through the day.
  5. Caffeinate. Black coffee or green tea is low-cal, high-energy, and good for metabolism. Drink up.