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Staying fit over the Christmas period

Fit over Xmas

Pretty much everyone tends to have a battle of the bulge over the festive holiday.

Most of us want to be healthy but also enjoy ourselves & indulge a little with friends & family. So how do we get a balance & not fall into a total blowout, ending in big regrets & added pounds come January.


Struggle to get time for the gym whilst children are on holiday or the gyms are closed:

Do bodyweight HIIT (high-intensity interval training) sessions in your home, garden or park.

Take 5 exercises and do them to your max say 60 seconds each one. After 5 mins rest for 1 min & the. repeat 4/5 times.

Eg: squat, press up, burpee, lunges, triceps dips. So each exercises straight after the other as many reps as possible till 5 mins are completed. Rest & repeat. Simple!


To boost the fat burn effect of this workout try to do it in the morning fasted and add BCAAs. Use Bio Synergy pre workout with BCAA drink for a real kickstart 


Christmas dinner.

We all want to eat along with our family and friends a full dinner along with all the trimmings & puddings Christmas Day.

Don’t deny yourself or you may start to regret. This doesn’t mean eat more or double portions if possible! But have a small portion of everything you fancy.

For breakfast, on this day we recommend having something very light & low in fat high in protein.

If you starve yourself till Christmas lunch you may be so hungry that you may end up picking at all the extras put out like nuts & chocolates before the dinner is even served!

Opt Bio Synergy Skinny Shake or zero fat Greek yoghurt with berries.


Add more cardio to help balance calories in/out.

This can be enjoyed with the whole family. I always go on lots of walks Christmas Day.

Take the kids roller skating, swimming, ice skating, golf, laser quest, trampolining & bowling on other days. Keeping the family active is of benefit to you all & also makes it fun rather than a chore.⛹⛸



Everyone likes an extra drink or has a party of 5 to go to over Christmas & new year.

To say don’t drink will be impossible for most.

If you want to party but keep the calories low, opt for the following drinks as they are much lower in sugar & calories:

Dry white wine, light colour spirits like vodka, gin, white rum etc…& mixers like fresh lime & soda, diet drinks or a little light cranberry juice. Avoid beer & cider where ever possible as they are really high in sugar and easy to drink in large quantities!

When you get home drink a pint of water before bed.


In the morning have lots of fresh fruit & veg plus vitamins.

Use Skinny Shake to rehydrate & Bio-Synergy multivitamins, omega & colon detox.

And keep drinking plenty of water all day 

Most of all, have plenty of fun with your family & friends & remember moderation is key to a healthy & happy new year. 

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