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Refuel Chocolate Protein Crispy

refuel crispy
Libby Hancock over at Libby Alice Fitness has made these little treats to help you snack happy without the guilt.
2 tbsp raw cocoa powder or dark cocoa powder (green and blacks is a good pick)
40g scoop Bio-Synergy paleo diet protein
2 tbsp natural sweetener, maple syrup or natural honey
3-5 blended and melted dates
2 tbsp crunch organic peanut butter
3-4 cups whole grain rice puffs (found in ‘free from’ section or whole food stores)
2-3tbsp almond milk
How to make me
Blend the dates, natural sweetener, almond milk together to make a gooey paste.
Spoon into a pan on a low heat and mix in nut butter, cocoa powder and protein
Once smoothly mixed take off the heat and mix in the puffed rice
Spoon mixture into a tray and leave to cool/set for 20 mins in the freezer or an hour in the fridge
Slice into rectangular squares and enjoy!
I like to melt 85% dark chocolate and spread it on the top
128 calories per slice
2g fat
22g carbs
5 g sugars
7g protein
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