Fitness Tips

Fine Tune Your Swim

Swimming in a triathlon can be tough. Conditions and surroundings are key.
Follow these 5 tips to make sure that your swimming technique and performance is fine tuned.
1. Stay Relaxed
This will stop you from tensing up. When tensed your stroke will become a lot more irratic which will affect your speed.
2. Don’t Hold Your Breath
Exhale when under water. Doing this will also keep you relaxed as well as keeping your form on point
3. Keep your head down
By looking up your body becomes unbalanced with your hips sinking down. Keep your head down with the occasional glance for a buoy.
4. Draft
This involves swimming behind someone faster. This will help you conserve energy.
5. Rotate Your Torso and Engage Your Core
This will help keep your body in a horizontal position, which will help reduce water drag.