12 Week Challenge

My first two weeks on the 12 week challenge

My first week on the 12 week challenge started when I flew to Los Angeles for a holiday so I wasn’t able to fully stick to the diet and exercise plan, but I took the Bio-synergy products, stuck to diet plan as well as I could and managed to get three exercise sessions in whilst I was there. I was really happy when I came back and checked my weight / measurements and found that I hadn’t lost or gained anything, this is unusual as I usually lose muscle and gain fat whilst on holiday even when I try to eat healthy and exercise – I’m sure the Bio-synergy products had a part to play in this!
My second week I have been able to the follow the exercise and nutrition properly. I found I feel like I have more energy than usual during the day and I have already lost a small amount of fat on my stomach (0.5cm) whilst gaining muscle on my legs (0.5cm). The gains / losses aren’t massive but are very good for my first week of being able to stick to the plan and I am really excied to see where I get to over the coming weeks.