12 Week Challenge

A Mixed Couple of Weeks

So I’m just entering the third week of my challenge and I’ve had a mixed couple of weeks.
After my first week I was overjoyed to lose 5lbs when I weighed in last Monday and hoped for a similar result this week. However my plans went completely haywire when our 7 month old son came down with a severe chest infection and most of last week was spent administering hugs, medicine and dealing with an extremely poorly baby. I didn’t manage too much in the way of exercise as I  was advised to keep him warm which meant no daily walks and as a result this week I have lost no weight – hardly surprising but a bit annoying nonetheless.
I now have come down with a stinking cold and hacking cough and feel like utter rubbish – talk about bad timing! I’m trying really hard to stick with the eating plan and exercise but at the moment I am so lacking in energy looking after our little boy is leaving me feeling drained and exhausted. Thank goodness for the fitness water as at least that seems to be keeping me going throughout the day. I’m hoping I won’t be struck down with this lurgy for too long as I really want to get exercising again – I find I feel so much better after a swim or a workout but I think I need to be feeling 100% before I put my all into it again.
All in all I am finding the eating plan easy enough to stick to although I am getting a little bit fed up with eating the same things over and over again – think I need to try and find some new recipes to try out.