12 Week Challenge

Into week five and starting to see changes

So I am now in week five and I although I lost no weight at my weigh-in on Monday I did lose another 5.5cms.
Last week whilst out shopping I decided to try on a few items of clothing as I had noticed a lot of my clothes in my wardrobe were looking and feeling a bit looser on me. Usually I absolutely despise shopping as I find that nothing fits or looks right on me but needs must and so off I went. I picked up my usual size in a few items – force of habit I suppose – and took them to the changing room with the usual feeling of dread as I went to look in the mirror. You can imagine my joy when I realised my usual size was definitely too big for me and went back and exchanged the items for the next size down. I was even more overjoyed when two or three of the items were still too big and had to be changed for the next size down again – a size that I have not been for a long, long time!
In amongst the items were a pair of jeans, not unusual for most people but very unusual for me as in the whole of my 37 years I have never worn or owned a pair of jeans. Why? Because I have NEVER found any that didn’t make me look short and dumpy until I tried these ones on that fitted and looked good. I took them home and the following day put them on and my husbands face as I walked down the stairs was a picture – he had never seen me wearing jeans before and said they looked great. I could tell from the look on his face that he wasn’t lying and when we went out later that day and I was wearing them he kept saying how amazing I looked – that was enough to make up for the lack of a loss at my weigh in.
I’m really starting to notice a change in my shape, especially my upper thighs and the area underneath my bust and between my belly button. A few friends have commented how my waist seems to be shrinking and how my profile looks slimmer – especially the sides near the rib cage. I have to say that all the comments are just motivating me to keep going. I still have another 7 weeks of this plan to go as I was late starting and I am determined that I want to try and lose at least another stone before it ends – it might be hard going but I’m going to give it my best shot!