12 Week Challenge

Interesting week…. bugs & photo shoots! ;)

Hi all….. hope everyone has had a good week. I know that the end is in sight for most of us now (John…. I’ve lost count…. do I have one or two weeks left now??!!). I’ve been busy getting organised for Christmas and have decked our house with festive fun and written Christmas cards and wrapped lots of presents already! I like to be super organised as otherwise I will just stress about it all! However, my caring, sharing children decided to give me a delightful tummy bug which left me unable to train on Thursday and eating strange, simple foods like Cheerios cereal and poached eggs on toast! It was all I fancied! It was very draining as gradually all 6 of us developed it and the washing machine was working overtime! 🙁 eeeerrrggghhhhh
On a plus note, I’ve lost another pound this week and 1.5cm, so I am pleased! Just one more pound and I will have lost a whole stone since being on this challenge and gained heaps of muscle tone. I am so pleased with the results and friends are now very envious of this opportunity I’ve had! I keep recommending the supplements, exercise and diet guidelines in a bid to get them to follow suit!
One fantastic thing that happened this week was a pole dance photo shoot which I went to today. The professional photographer was brilliant as I was so nervous. It also helped that he used to be a pole dance instructor himself so knew precisely how to achieve the best shots and gave advice all the way through. I got some fab photos and if anyone is interested, check them out here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150501816718023.435077.661423022&type=1&l=cb60465edc
I so totally loved it and it was so much more enjoyable once I lost my inhibitions a bit! Check out the pole shoes! lol
Here’s to a fab few last weeks everyone – Make It Happen! 🙂