12 Week Challenge

A Mixed Week

Well after my high of completing the Norwich Half Marathon last Sunday without any injuries I started the week exhausted! I hadn’t realised how much the Half had taken out of me until I started training and felt like I could sleep for a week.
I didn’t manage any training until Tuesday and decided to do gym work instead of my usual Spinning class, this proved to be the right move as towards the end of my resistance training I was shattered.  But by Wednesday I had gained back my usual motivation and didn’t feel like falling asleep every time I sat down.
The next challenge was the weekend as I had 2 Christmas events to attend; both meals which involved alcohol – testing times. My inner good side suggested I drive to both these events and hey presto I managed to drink water and still enjoy myself as much as the others who were a little worse for wear! I also chose my food carefully and worked on the 80/20 principle and had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend.
This has meant that I have started this week not feeling blotted and horrible but rather pleased with myself for resisting temptation and knowing that I can do it without it spoiling my social life. (Polish my halo now!!)
So with that in mind guys keep plugging away and lets make these targets in style 😀