12 Week Challenge

I NEED Bread and I'm allowed to run the Norwich Half this coming weekend !

I have just reached the end of a very hectic week in which I got very little sleep due to work commitments and my social life.  I still managed to do all the other scheduled activities on my programme but just didn’t get enough sleep zzzzzzzz! I also managed to miss out on several of my snacks during the day which again lead to sluggishness and a craving for something on my naughty list!
Result = feeling really tired, lack of motivation and a huge craving for BREAD! Any sort of bread too, but I did manage to restrict it to 1 slice but boy did it taste soooo good 😀 I’ve managed to get back on track today and put a huge effort into my resistance training this morning – I came away from the gym totally exhausted but on a high – job done 😀
I then read Jo’s post and could relate to everything she was going through and now feel slightly more normal and I’m sure that with a decent couple of nights sleep will feel tickety boo again!
And the bonus from today is that my Physio has given me the all clear to run my Half Marathon this weekend so I’m over the moon.  Unfortunately it will not be a PB because I haven’t done enough training over the last 6 weeks with the calf injury but I’m raring to go.
So wish me luck and I’ll keep you all posted next week on how I get on 😀