12 Week Challenge

Cravings & lack of decent zzzzz's!

Hello fellow challengers! I hope you are all doing well. My last week has found me fighting off cravings for fresh bread, cake and chocolate….. I managed to avoid the bread but had to partake in the consumption of a cupcake as it was a “Children in Need cupcake”, so therefore all for a good cause! 😉 I also nibbled a little more dark chocolate than normal. Naughty Jo-Jo! Combine this with a lack of decent sleep – too late going to bed and it’s been a hectic time for me so think I was worrying more than usual. I blame the cortisol in my body which is released when you feel stressed and it does not aid weight loss! I have maintained my weight this week and have stayed the same with my measurements, so it could have been worse! This next week WILL be better and I will be less stressed! On the positive side, exercise is like a drug to me now and I crave it wholeheartedly and it makes me feel AMAZEBALLS!!! (to quote one of Carla’s sayings!)
I’m currently toying with the idea of taking up swimming for it’s relaxing/toning benefits as I feel tight in my shoulders/neck in particular and this does not aid flexibility! I need a darned good massage but don’t have the pennies at the moment! This next week I have a Zumbathon on Friday in aid of Cancer Research which will involve 2 hours of shaking my booty to Latino fizz….. I can’t wait I am that excited! I’m also thinking about adding another run in each week but we will see how things go and how I’m feeling!
Got a gorgeous recipe to share…. Season chicken breasts with little salt/pepper and glaze them with manuka honey. Put them in a casserole dish and sprinkle handful of dried apriocots and handful of shelled pistachio nuts. Also handful of spinach and drizzle with olive oil. Cook at 180 degrees for 30 mins and serve with either mixed side salad of mixed steamed veg! Yum, yum, yum – sweet works so well with chicken and also helps to stave off that pesky sweet-tooth craving (if you get one!).
Another little idea for those with smart phones…. there’s an application called “Sleep Cycle” which helps to wake you in your lightest phase of sleep within a half hour set period which you can choose. It works by picking up your nightly movements to accurately predict your sleep cycles which you can view in the morning. It’s supposed to stop that “oh god, is it morning already?!” type feeling which most of us are all too familiar with! I’ve only tried it for 2 nights so will report how I get on but I find it fascinating! 🙂
Best wishes to you all! 🙂