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High volume training with Bio-Synergy Marketing Executive Lewis Rose

On Sunday evening, I came to the scary realisation that I’d skipped more consecutive days in the gym than ever before during my two years and two months of training.
Five days. Yep. Five.
Now, five days of absence from the gym might not sound like much to most people, but for me, it felt like an eternity. Even during my five-day vacation to Miami back in February, I still managed to find to go to the gym three times. What can I say? I just love training! It is a huge part of my lifestyle and it’s what I live for.
I knew Monday’s trip back to the gym was going to be intense: High volume, heavy sets and plenty of food and Bio-Synergy supplements to keep me fuelled.

My Current Training and Nutrition Goals:

I am currently trying to hit all muscle groups twice week whilst being on a calorie surplus. I have a very high metabolism and I like to train pretty high volume, so my daily regime may not work for everyone, but feel free to give it a try.
Monday’s Training Session:
Muscle groups trained: Chest, triceps, traps, shoulders, abs.
Incline Barbell Chest Press – (Smith Machine)
Warm up set: Bar + 2x 20 kg plates – 15-20 reps
4 sets: Bar + 2x 20 kg plates + 2x 15 kg plates 6-10 reps
Drop set: Bar + 2 x 20 kg plates – To failure
Incline Dumbbell Press
4 sets: 28 Kg dumbbells – 6-10 reps
Chest Press Machine
4 sets: 78kg – 6-10 reps
Drop set: To failure
Incline flies
4 sets: 20 kg dumbbells – 6-10 reps
Low cable flies
4 sets: 17kg – 10-12 reps
Drop set: to failure
Wide grip dips
4 sets: To failure
Rope pulldown
4 sets: 6-10 reps.
Dumbbell Overhead Extension
4 sets: 10kg Dumbbell: To Failure.
Smith machine shrugs
4 sets: 6-12 reps.
Standing Overhead Shoulder Press
4 Sets: 6-10 reps.
Exercise ball crunches
4 Sets: to failure.

Monday’s Day of Eating:

Oats with 300ml of whole milk and 1 scoop of Whey Better.
1 banana, 1 orange, 1 apple, 1 avocado (whole).
Cajun chicken breast, broccoli, white potato and asparagus.
Pre-gym snack:

3 Whole eggs, 2 slices of wholemeal bread, 1 scoop of Whey Better, 1 double chip chocolate cookie, 1 serving of Performance Creatine, 1 scoop of Super Charge pre workout.
Post gym meal:
Cajun chicken breast, mixed leaf salad, a slice of stilton cheese, avocado (half) light mayonnaise, two slices of wholemeal bread, one scoop of Whey Better, 1 serving of Performance Creatine.

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