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Hello from Joselin

Hi, I’m Joselin Dasilva, a 20 year old Assistant Architect.
I started my journey being underweight from living such an unhealthy lifestyle, I had no energy or strength and I would feel tired and sluggish all the time. I soon realised that living off cereal would not help me in life and i needed to fix up my diet and understand that food isn’t the enemy. I started introducing fruit, veg, fish, lean meats, wholegrain and healthy fats into my diet. I was putting the weight on nicely but something was missing as I wasn’t adding the muscle tone that I wanted.
I Joined a Gym in March 2012 after being inspired by fit healthy girls on the internet that competed in bikini competitions and realising that being skinny isn’t all that great anymore. I started doing research on bodybuilding, nutrition, supplementation and everything to do with fitness. I gave myself a goal to achieve a physique that I felt proud of and to gain enough confidence in myself to enter the UKBFF. October 2013 is the date that I will be entering my first show and looking back, I have came a long way and I would never go back to my old habits as the benefits that i feel from training and clean eating are amazing. It took me months of clean eating and heavy weight training to achieve the transformation I achieved.
I enjoy cooking and turning unhealthy meals into clean guilt free treats that can be enjoyed anytime of the week. I want to help and inspire others to achieve their goals in life and hopefully somebody can one day say that I was the reason they changed their life around for the better.