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Hello from Mark Anstey

Name: Mark Anstey       Age : 26        Profession – Office Worker/ Training to be a PT
Hi my name is Mark Anstey and I am delighted to be given this great opportunity by BIO-Synergy. I have been Weight training since I left school for around 8 years or so and when I left school I weighed very little over 10 stone and was very thin for my age. I was only 5 ft 8 at the time but as I continued to go to the gym regularly, eating correctly and reading up on a lot of research from different athletes. I started to see a change I started to put on size which didn’t happen over night. It was a long process but I was determined not to give up, even the days when I saw no difference in physique I kept training and trained harder if anything. I am now 26 years of age and I am 6ft 3 inch’s and weigh close to 15 stone and have a body fat percentage of 9 per cent so as you can see by the figures I have dramatically increased my weight transformed my physique and showed that hard work, dedication and persistence really has its rewards. I will now with the help of the support and supplementation from BIO Synergy start to prepare myself for a competition and will see how far I progress throughout the year. I thoroughly look forward to being an ambassador for BIO Synergy and I will make it my goal to help other people achieve their goals.
The main reason for why I want to be a sponsored athlete for BIO SYNERGY is so I can help other people whether it would be in person in a training session or whether it be on a social network page such as Twitter or Facebook. I have noticed that their is a lot of support through social media sites where everyone comes together to help one another, share new workout ideas and give good advice. I am setting up a new account as we speak on both social media websites which is going to have regular updates of my diet in what I eat throughout the day and what supplementation I will be using which is very important to reach your goal. It will also consist of regular updates of my workouts and what I am aiming to achieve. It would include what foods to eat and what foods to avoid and be a general guide of how to change your lifestyle for the better to the people that want to set goals for themselves and I will do my very best to make sure they achieve them.
I’m thoroughly looking forward to working along side one of the biggest Influential supplement brands in the business who help influence a lot of people and change many lives.  I must say its an absolute privilege to be apart of it.