12 Week Challenge

First reactions to the 12 Week Challenge

Evening all! My name’s Sion, I’m a 23 year old male and I was fortunate enough to have been chosen to participate in the Bio-Synergy 12 Week Challenge.
Personally, weight has never been a major concern of mine. I have been lucky enough to find gaining and losing weight pretty easy and for the past couple of years I’ve managed to bat around the 12 and a half stone mark regardless of how much I eat or how much I exercise. What I’ve always struggled with, however, is toning my body. I find this to be the biggest challenge of all and I was thrilled to see that Bio-Synergy were offering to give me some much needed help to reach this goal after many years of failed attempts.
The start to my 12 Week Challenge has been a bit of a rocky one to say the least. I began my training programme before receiving any of my supplements, in order to get my head around the routine that I’d be facing week in, week out, and I began making some efforts to cut out the bad carbs, bad fats, and drink more water. First small steps for man.
The exercise plan is intense, but I was pleasantly surprised after my first few weeks to find that I wasn’t keeling over in bed as I thought I would, but in fact, I wasn’t aching too much at all! First couple of sessions being an exception. That was a bit of a shock to the system (but I survived!!). The routine is great, you can really feel it working all of your muscles and it’s very well spread out. I quickly learnt which of my muscles I had forgotten about as I started to feel that satisfying burn you get after a good work out. Things were looking promising!
The biggest challenge I found was to get my head around the food shop, as it was so different to what I used to eat, i.e. rubbish. I found myself taking more interest in the contents of food, reading all the packages and stretching out a 20 minutes food shop into an hour. But once I was used to the certain meals I could have, when I would have them, what meals I could take with me to work, it all became a lot simpler to forward plan. Now, I find I’m experimenting with new foods and discovering some lovely tasty meals that are so much better for me than the old fatty rubbish I used to have. And I’m really enjoying my morning fruit smoothies to kick start my day.
Hitting the festive period has been another rocky patch, although I have managed to keep up my training programme, Christmas dinner was too tempting and I did misbehave a little. A beer or two may have crept in there somewhere too… But the way I see it, as long as I work even harder in during my exercise regime and make a big effort to get the nutrition plan back on track, I will forgive myself.
There’s still a long way to go yet, and now with Christmas out the way, I can’t wait to really see what the combination of expert help, supplements and hard work can really do! Bring on 2013!!