12 Week Challenge

Falling back in love with exercise

Well, I’ve been back on track for over a week now and feeling so much better! I was feeling really low for a few weeks and had no energy, but now I’m raring to go again.
I’ve started eating clean again and getting regular exercise and my body’s already looking and feeling so much better than it was.
I tried posting a picture of me dripping in sweat after a particularly intense workout in the comfort of my own home, but the unfortunately this programme doesn’t seem to let me. It feels great to be able to workout hard again and I think the supplements are really helping to give me that boost I need to keep going.
Tomorrow I’m going back to my powerlifting class and hoping to start working towards lifting a new personal best. I’m hoping to get my deadlift up to 100kg, so wish me luck!
Hope everyone is doing well. And if you fall off track, just remind yourself how good you felt when you were exercising and eating right. I lost my way for a bit but now I’m back with a vengeance!