12 Week Challenge

What a crazy week!?!?

So this week was really busy (hence the late post), but also a very lucky one!  After saying goodbye to my mother on Monday, I worked out as much as I could each day to make up for the imminent Friday rest day (I was chosen to be a contestant on a Mall Mania quiz show in Wimbledon).  I thought it would be great fun, so off I went with my son, his father & babysitter in tow to try and have some fun & maybe win some prizes at the same time!
Little did I expect to end up winning all my rounds and being asked to come back the next day for the final!  So it ended up being 2 rest days on the Friday and Saturday – I made sure I stuck to my diet (with the help of M&S Simply Food’s amazing mini-salads)…  However, I ended up winning the quiz show, so I am a very happy little bunny indeed as I now have a new camera, suitcase, phone and some vouchers for new shoes..  Did NOT expect that to happen in a million years!  The sun is definitely shining down on me lately (probably why it’s not making it through to the rest of the country..lol)!
Then on Monday (yesterday) I had a pamper day with YSL and their top European make-up artist – the incredible Fred Letailleur!  What a week!  Furthermore, I am just about to jam on the exercise for the day (double whammy today and Sunday due to the extra rest days) and I have lost a little more size & weight!  The thing that makes me smile most right now though is waking up each morning to stumble out of the bedroom into the hallway and meeting my image in the mirror each time to see those six pack abs…  🙂    Never thought I’d get them back like this after giving birth to my son..  Thanks to John @ Bio-Synergy and Ann @ Famously Fit & to all my co-challengers – none of this would have happened without you!
Fingers crossed for a little bit of sunshine to come our way and make things even brighter!
Have an amazing week guys!  x