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Essential Sports Fuel Explained – Post workout

Bio-Synergy Essential Sports Fuel is arguably the best all-around recovery sports supplement on the market.
Originally launched back in 1999, Bio-Synergy Essential Sports Fuel was specially developed for the British and Irish Lions tour in association with Graham Henry and Steve Black.
essential sports fuelWith the goals of professional rugby players at the forefront of its design, Bio-Synergy Essential Sports Fuel is packed with the highest quality whey protein to assist lean muscle growth and recovery as well as l-glutamine to aid muscle repair.
Each serving contains Beta-Hydroxy-beta-methylbtyric acid, which has been shown in studies by Nissen et al to increase lean muscle and prevent muscle breakdown.
Another effective source of recovery is branch chain amino acids (BCAAs). Your body needs essential amino acids in your daily diet because your body cannot make them. If you do not get essential amino acids in your diet, proteins break down, resulting in muscle loss and problems with repair.
If you want to make it happen and fuel your muscles to grow and recover, rely on the industry’s most effective all-in-one recovery sports supplement: Bio-Synergy Essential Sports.
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