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Do genetics affect your gym results? By Luke Teuma Personal trainer and Managing Director of Lean with Luke

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It’s heard all the time, some people use genetics as their key to why they look so good, but on the other hand, some people use it to explain why they find it hard to reach goals. But does it really make a difference?
The answer is yes. Genetics do play a big part in how easy it is for you to achieve goals but doesn’t make it impossible. Genetics are passed down from generations way before us of which we cannot control so we have to work with what we have. Genetics can determine the shape of your body, how big your muscle grow and also how easy it is to lose/gain weight.
Good genetics
What are good genetics? Well if you look at any bodybuilder for example, they’re shoulders can be different shapes and widths, chest shape is different and the most common difference is the shape and alignment of the abdominals. If you have perfect alignment in most muscle groups and they grow evenly you probably have good genetics as these things you can’t really change. You can change symmetry of your body, but genetically things like shoulder width and muscle shape is already set. Good genetics may also include a naturally fast metabolism, this is great to burn calories and stay lean, but makes it very hard to bulk up, so there is pros and cons.
Bad genetics
What are bad genetics? Being brutally honest, if your muscles aren’t greatly aligned or muscle shape isn’t the same as what you see in your magazines you may have bad genetics. You can’t change them, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have a fantastic physique. Another thing which is typically linked with bad genetics is metabolism, ever heard someone say they can look at certain foods and put on weight? Everyone metabolises food differently and many variables affect this, but in truth some people just don’t burn calories as efficiently as others.

It’s not an excuse!

I don’t want anyone to come away from reading this article disheartened, just being honest with what position they’re in. Good genetics, bad genetics, it really doesn’t matter! It’s all down to you! If you don’t burn calories and quickly as your mate, don’t moan about how unfair it is, get to work and make your body burn the calories. Comparing bodies, genetics and how your body burns fuel won’t help you achieve your goals. You need to focus on your body, follow your own journey and work as hard as what your body needs. If it comes easy, lucky you! If it’s a struggle, then make sure you get through it! Don’t let genetics ruin or sway your mentality and work ethic as you can still create amazing progress either way.
Some are blessed with good genetics, some are not. But it’s down to the individual if you let it affect your goals. I’m all about working with mind and body, so if you focus on your personal journey and not someone else’s you’ll have a better chance and seeing what works with your body, what goals you have and how hard you personally need to work to get there! So make sure you stay positive and stay focussed.
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