The best protein for Cross fit

pull upCrossFit involves daily workouts – known as ‘WODS’ (workouts of the day) – that are a combination of aerobic activity, weightlifting and gymnastics.

It is practised in more than 10,000 gyms worldwide, half of which are in the US.

Demand on muscles

Because of the frequency and intensity of exercise involved in CrossFit, great demands are placed on the muscles. As a result, that participants need quality sports nutrition products that enable them to recover fast enough to maintain the intensity of their WODS day after day



In recent studies, it was found that supplementation with whey protein after resistance training resulted in increased muscle and tendon growth and stimulated the muscle stem cells (satellite cells) that are essential for the repair and maintenance of muscle.

In another study, researchers found that supplementation with whey protein helped maintain muscle strength following the type of exercise that causes muscle damage.

Bio-Synergy Whey Better and Whey Hey help reduce muscle recovery times from days to hours, supporting people in their efforts to stay in perfect shape to maintain their CrossFit regime.

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