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Couples That Train Together……….


You’ve probably heard the saying.. “Couples that train together.. Stay together!”

Well here at LWFITT  we believe that there are lots of health benefits to be had from training together.

We live in a world that’s so fast paced and frenetic that we don’t often find time to “organically” connect with our loved ones.. But it is very important that we do try to.

Wellness is the ultimate gift you can give yourself and your loved ones and it’s great to share that gift by bonding and working out together.

Working out with your partner can translate not only into muscle and fitness gains, but into relationship gains too!!!

Here’s my top tips on why training together is the ultimate couple wellness..

1.Strengthens communication skills, which in turn builds trust.

2.Strengthens your emotional connection therefore you become closer and work better as a team to motivate each other in other areas of your relationship.

3.Develop your dependability so that you are less likely to skip a workout and more likely to stick to your fitness regime.

4.Build a closer bond as you spend more quality time together getting fitter and having fun together.

5.Enhance your sex life, as a happy healthy attitude connects mind and body.

All while getting in the best shape of you life!!!

See more about Lisa here on her ambassador page.