Nutritional Studies

CLA What? When? Why?

Body Perfect CLA 500 - 90 capsules
Fat burning and lean muscle are now more accessible than ever with Bio-Synergy’s non-stimulant fat burner.
If getting a six pack is your goal then CLA could be the product for you. Combined with a good training regime and sensible diet CLA has been shown to burn fat.
Is an omega 6 fatty acid, and represents a whole new dimension in sports supplementation. Not only is it essential for health and muscle growth, but in numerous studies it has been shown to enhance them.
CLA naturally occurs in food and is derived from sunflower oil. CLA, similar to other omega 6 fatty acids, performs a number of important metabolic functions in the body: it assists muscle maintenance and burns body fat. Recent studies have also indicated that CLA acts as a powerful anti oxidant and has anticarciogenic properties.
A study by Richard Kreider investigating the effects of CLA on body composition and strength it was determined that CLA had a marked benefit in increasing strength and a further study by Erling Thom PhD revealed that subjects reduced their bodyfat between 15-20%. CLA is available from Bio-Synergy.
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