Fitness Tips

How To Start My Sport With Powerlifter Louise Sinnah Burr

Getting started with a new sport can be difficult but can also be very exciting helping you to increase your social group and find a passion in a new sporting discipline.
Bio-Synergy ambassador Louise Sinnah Burr found this through taking up powerlifting and has never looked back.
Louise has provided 3 top tips to help you take up her chosen sport.
1. Find a Powerlifting club where you feel comfortable and leave your ego at the door, that is, be open to learning! Learning to lift technically well from the onset – and probably with lighter weights that you would like! – will pay dividends in the long run but will require patience at the beginning. Often experienced lifters are happy to help new comers so take advantage. 
2.Competing is not for everyone but having a structured plan at least should enable you to experience the satisfaction of progress. Also, being part of a sport/club gives you a great sense of community, new friendships and networks, and the accountability that keeps you going when times get tough. 
3.The sooner you start the better! You wont regret diving straight in.