12 Week Challenge

Cengiz November 2011

Hi guys… hope all is well
I first like to congratulate you on your progress so far and I’m happy to see your reaching your goals and recovering from injuries. Yes it has been hard and I hope you’re happy with the results so far.  At this point you should be realising that health and fitness is a life style and this 12-week challenge is just an introduction in to a complete new and fantastic way of life, benefiting from confidants, energy, looking and feeling good. So thank you for taking this opportunity to make the change and difference to your life.
Your probably wanting more from your workouts now, and I like to offer you a link to my Facebook page if you haven’t signed up already where I include a WOD = (Workout of the Day) These workouts are for everyone and if there is something that you don’t understand or need an alternative just comment and I will advice you on the alternatives. This way works out for the best for everyone, as we are all doing the same workout together (including me). Just remember to always refer back to your foundation exercise Squats, Press Ups, Pull Ups Sit Ups, Running, Skipping. It doesn’t matter if your building muscle or your trying to loose weight, I’m sure you relies now its how you fuel and supplement your body for your day and workouts to get the results you want.
My Link to my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/UBCTraining
I’m here to get you to your goal and your almost there Keep It Going and Stay Active.
Thank you for joining and being apart of my love and passion…
Cengiz Halabi