12 Week Challenge

Bit of a breakdown

I had a really busy week – a lot has happened.
First of all the Olympic torch visited our town including place where I work. What a fantastic experience that was! And then the same day, just few hours later I have received a phone call from my child-minder informing me that my youngest has a temperature of over 40 degrees. And then to make it even more eventful day my 7 year old broke his wrist while playing outside. So unfortunately I couldn’t focus on my regime and had a break from keeping my logs up to date and watching my diet as much. Luckily both boys are feeling much better now, so I’m back on track.
Second of all – good news: I got a phone call from LOCOG regarding games makers… and I’m going to volunteer during Olympic games! I will have to attend a couple of trainings and prepare for it, so I will have to come up with a good diet, something that’ll be easy to put in a backpack and not too messy to eat 😉
And finally I have slightly adjusted my eating habits and times of workouts. I’m trying to get as much protein as possible in every meal and eliminate ‘bad’ carbohydrates completely. It’s not easy though. I’m really glad that Ann made to easier for me to understand how important right nutrition is for overall result. I hope that will work for me.