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Bio-Synergy Ambassador Lawrie Gormley's Secret Tips to Legs of Steel

This week, we caught up with Bio-Synergy ambassador Lawrie Gormley as he prepares to step on stage again. Lawrie shares some inside tips to help you get in the best shape possible with minimal fuss.
A wise man once told me that you can tell the difference between the guys who got under a heavy bar and rep the death out of leg extensions as soon as they get on the stage! From that day I have killed my legs every single time I step into the gym!
I enjoy a mix of heavier sets at the start of the workout and then moving into more isolation and higher reps. For me this works a lot, not only building size but also conditioned and bringing in cuts.
This is purely my on season cutting workout. When off season and calories are a lot higher I will do a lot more squatting and allow weight to move to failure at a lower rep range. This has always worked well for me with regards to growth.
I always start with a warm up on the cross trainer, after training with former IFBB pro Delroy in Glasgow this is always a go to warm up for me. I use the standard grip for 1 minute and then squat down low, still moving my feet as normal and hold the middle grips for 30 seconds. This lasts for 4 mins, then rest for a minute and go again until I have complete 3 sets. This is a real killer, you start feeling the burn in your quads, when walking away its all Hamstrings and Glutes.
I always ensure I stretch before, between sets and after this warm up, or the rest of the workout is near impossible.

Leg Press 4 x 20 reps max and 10 reps minimum increasing the weight each set.

I love a good heavy leg press mixed with some higher reps, I always ensure my last set is 10 reps max and heavy!

Hack Squat 3 x 12 reps

As the third exercise, this is where things start getting fun, or painful 😉 I try to hit the hacks really concentrating on form and keeping tension on the muscle. So no pausing at the bottom and locking out and stopping at the top. I always ensure I am struggling to hit 12 on the last set here. If I can easily rep out 12 for the last set I won’t be happy!

Stiff leg deadlifts 3 x 12 reps

My hamstrings respond very well to these and allows a great stretch. I never go too heavy and really concentrate on using the hamstrings and allowing a good stretch. After all it’s not back day…yet 😉

Leg extensions 6 sets, rep range 20, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6

I love leg extensions!! I can really bring through my vastus medialis a lot utilising extensions and get a great shape on the “teardrop” muscle. I use a drop set on this and increase the weight each time. These are a killer after the previous load! If I can still stand up and walk I will also hit another 20 reps to finish on a low weight. Really pulling and squeezing with the legs makes the difference here and not just throwing the weight up. Allow the weight to move slowly and correctly.

Lying Hamstring Curls – 4 x 15 reps

Again not something I go super heavy on. Instead really squeeze the hamstring at the top and allow a good even and slow eccentric and concentric movement.

Calf Raises – 5 x 20 reps, last set to failure.

Simply put I kill my calves to the point they feel like cramping. Again make sure you stretch before and after plate loaded or other weighted raises especially.
Another quick tip for lagging calf raises. If your gym has a set of stairs (the more the better) try hitting 10 calf raises on each step. Around 200 reps so perhaps up and down a few times depending upon the amount of steps. When hitting calf raises make sure there is a full range of movement and not just a flat foot to raised movement. This burns like hell and is not fun the next day! But by god it works 😉
Well there is my normal leg day, doesn’t take too long either, but my rest periods are not that large either. If you can contemplate cardio at the end of a leg workout then work harder next time!!