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Back Attack Workout with Grant Tosner

back workout
We caught up with Bio-Synergy ambassador and PT Grant Tosner in this week’s #WorkoutWednesday for an epic back session. Heading to the gym tonight? Incorporate this epic routine into your split and feel the burn.To maximise your workout, don’t forget to incorporate Creatine Plus: This week’s Product of the Week into your supplement stack to increase your strength and make some gains. Make it happen.
Various grip pull ups
4 x 10 (60 secs rest)
For me a must at the start of my back workouts. One of the hardest exercises to do with proper form I use these at the start to get my back fired up and ready.
Warm up 2 x 20 lightweight (60 secs rest)
Working sets 4 x 4 (3-5 mins rest)
The daddy of exercises not only does this compound movement work your lower back but it hits overall development across the entire body. Some people like to use these on leg day but for me, nothing gets my lower back pumped like a set of heavy deadlifts.
Various Grip Lat Pulldowns
6 x 10 (60 secs rest)
I usually try to keep the weight at a rep range I can hit 12 reps so I can really concentrate on squeezing my lats at the bottom of the movement. I always vary my grips so I make sure I’m contracting my back from different angles.
Bent over barbell rows
4 x 12 (90 secs Rest)
Another great compound exercise for building a thick back. I try to go as heavy as I can but making sure the rep is strict and the squeeze on contraction is held before lowering the weight.
FINISHER 2 arm dumbbell rows / TRX low row
2 x 30 (superset) (60 secs rest)
I always like to end my back sessions with some sort of crazy finishing movement so it will usually consist of a high rep combo. Nothing feels better than walking out of them gym with a big back so what better way to end than with 120 reps before you leave.
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