12 Week Challenge

Autumn glow!

This has to be my most favourite time of year, I absolutely love it! So, although running is my least favourable exercise mode, I actually quite enjoy the fresh sunny mornings with all the beautiful autumn colours and smells.
This week was successful I feel. I managed to lose 1lb and 3.5cm so not a bad weekly loss. I use the Wii Fit to measure my weight each week and it reckons my BMI is 22.55 and it says I should aim for the ideal BMI of 22, so I guess I am almost there! I can see the small stubborn areas which are still a little wobbly, but I can make out my abdominal muscles clearly now and my legs are finally starting to show some definition! Yay! I am still feeling really good in myself and have been a bit more experimentative with my diet too. I’ve invested in some coconut butter for cooking as it is hailed to be one of the healthiest cooking oils as it does not change it’s composition when heated. It also gives food a lovely tropical, slight coconut taste which I am loving! I’ve also been sprinkling a little cinnamon in my Skinny Protein fruit smoothie shakes for breakfast. I love the taste and it also has thermogenic qualities so helps to increase metabolism.
As for exercise, I am really into my pole dancing at the moment and my increased strength is becoming very apparent as I can now undertake some intermediate and advanced moves which has spurred me on ready for the start of my next course level – Intermediate Pole Dance which starts tomorrow! 🙂 I am finding the ballet fitness class really aids my pole dancing too and my flexibility has fully come back so I can again do the splits with ease! On a not so good note…. I have developed a runners twinge – about one third of the way into my run I can feel pain in my right groin muscle which feels as though it is being over-worked. I would appreciate any advice on this as it is hampering my run at the moment. I have even managed to incorporate exercise into my rest day by taking the children for a cycle ride for around 5 hilly miles – well at least it helps to work off my yummy Sunday roast lunch! lol
So, ’tis all good in the hood here! How is everyone else doing?