12 Week Challenge

1st Blog

We’re about halfway through the challenge and I’ve adjusted well and I feel like I’m making steady progress.  Before the challenge, my meals were a lot different. For breakfast, I used to have a bowl of Frosties and a glass of juice but now I just have an omelette and a Whey Better, oats and milkshake.  I’ve kept my diet pretty consistent and based around chicken breast fillets and brown rice, with cans of tuna for a quick between meals snack. I’ve never really eaten almonds before taking part in this 12-week challenge. I’m on a student budget so cooking basic meals is the easiest way to go for me at the moment.
Bio-Synergy products I’m using.

  • Whey Better
  • Thermogen
  • NO2 Pump
  • Creatine Plus
  • Essential Sports Fuel
  • Skinny Protein Bar
  • Glutamine
  • Pure Energy
  • Collagen & Multivitamin

My exercise plan is based around weights, cardio and yoga.  One of the most important for me in the weight sessions has been using correct form. I used to end up aching after gym sessions for a few days due to bad form but now I don’t hurt. I’m worried that I don’t always get a good continuous 8-hour sleep regularly because that’s when muscles repair themselves. Does that mean that I’m not making as much process as I could?
One thing I definitely want to do is carry on this diet and fitness plan even after the 12 weeks are finished as this is the best I have felt in a long time.  It would be nice to see how much I could improve on my body in 6 months, 9 months and beyond. One thing I’m slightly worried about is stretch marks on my arms I seemed to have gained on my biceps. Is there anything I can use to reduce them?