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Approaching the finish line – hello injuries

Happy New Year to all!
Been a couple of weeks since my last post due to the Christmas festivities taking there toll. I’ve tried and in most parts been successful in eating as healthy as possible over the xmas period – no dipping into the celebrations or mince pies.
Since my last post however I have a trapped nerve in my lower back meaning pretty much no type of fitness, cardio or otherwise. It’s been so annoying as  I was starting to feel the effects of a hard 7 weeks training and now I’ve had a decrease in muscle tone and weight gain. 3 weeks later and I’ve just done my first run and a slightly weak effort on the punch bag but it felt good and I’m hoping to continue upping the tempo as I approach the finish line.
2012 will be about concentrating on my body and fitness – I want to reach my goals I set at the start of this challenge, and despite a few set backs, will get to it eventually.