12 Week Challenge

12 Weeks been and gone …. but definately not forgotten – bring on the next challenge

Firstly I would like to thank all the Bio Synergy team for the opportunity to take part in this Challenge.
Well 12 weeks have been and gone and it’s amazing just how much better I feel now. I’m sleeping better, training better and look better!  Not only have I lost 10 lbs but I have lost an amazing 59cms from around my body.  Namely 9cm from my waist, 7cm from my hips and 10cm from my thighs! And my six pack has made an appearance!
I think the one thing that I have learnt from the whole experience alongside exercise it is important to feed your body the correct foods and quantities even when you are aiming to lose weight.  Every time I look at a meal now I am calculating how many palms of protein, fists of carbs and thumbs of fat are on my plate, thank you Ann for those 3 words of wisdom.
At times it has definately not been easy, I ripped calf muscle on Week 5 and was devastated to say the least but Cengiz kindly adapted my exercise plan to accommodate more swimming which I was able to do and soon had me on the road to recovery and back out running again pounding the pavements.  It meant that I was fit enough to complete the Norwich Half Marathon at the end of November and in a time that didn’t really reflect the lack of training I had put in so I was one happy bunny.
My hero product has got to be THERMOGEN, of all the supplements that I took this one had the most affect on my body and enabled me to boost my metabolism in order to burn those fat cells. Previously I had used Skinny Protein Shakes and this is my 2nd hero product (if you can have a 2nd hero product!) I love the taste of all the flavours and enjoy that drink after a hard workout.  I have managed to persuade several of my friends to start using them too and also my other half who took full advantage of the fact I had all the flavours to hand to taste them himself.
I also need to mention the support that I received from the experts this was second to none and helped me get through the 12 weeks, it’s hard to motivate yourself by yourself but having Ann to whinge at when it came to food choices and Cengiz to moan at when training wasn’t going my way was invaluable.
All in all this has been a life changing (another cringe) experience for me and I will certainly be carrying on with my fitness regime, I’m hoping to sign onto a local PT course in February to gain some qualifications so I can pass on my wisdom to others.
Once again a big thanks to all involved in the Challenge and also a big thanks to the other Challengers who helped me along the way. AMAZEBALLS as Carla would say!!