12 Week Challenge

Another week gone in a flash!

This week has been mega-busy for me!  I’ve crammed in my exercises every day except for Thursday and Sunday because there weren’t enough hours in the day and my knees are playing up on me (been given NSAIDs from the doctor for a month).  Unfortunately I’m not seeing a huge difference in my weight or inch loss still…  I’ll admit it’s quite hard to deal with the diet occasionally – especially as my 2 year old LOVES his pasta, sandwiches and biscuits (that’s not to say I eat them, just means I am generally cooking 2 versions of every meal) which is less time all round again..
My main issue this week when I look back at my diet plan has to be the fact that I’ve fallen back into old habits through being uber-busy. I’ve skipped several meals and snacks! It’s a really difficult one as most of these times I have been caught outside of the house for longer than I anticipated originally and then don’t want to buy food-on-the-go as even the healthy stuff seems to be loaded with naughties. I then get back home really late and carry on with the next scheduled meal/snack of the day. Not the greatest thing ever, but I always end up putting Ash first (obviously), so I’ll sort his food before mine at times like this too.  Uggghhhh!  What a mess!  Any help or suggestions for this kind of situation are more than welcome!  🙂
I’m happy with my exercise plan and ability though – I’ve been working really hard, not only on Ann’s circuits, but also some of my high intensity work-outs from previously. My body’s definitely more toned and defined again!  Plus I have to agree with Christina in regards to the Energy drink – it really gives you that extra push when your body’s in need of a little extra push.
Anyway, this week (and the next) are looking to be MAJORLY busy too as I have my 30th birthday coming up, lots of work to do, lots of people coming to stay at mine and general mayhem!!!  It shall most likely take all of my concentration, control and motivation to make sure I stay on top of it all as well as possible!  Wish me luck!