Sports Supplements

#MakeItHappen With These 5 Supplements


If your goal is to achieve a toned physique and feel stronger then you are probably incorporating strength training into your weekly exercise regime whether that be deadlifts and squats or kettlebells. In addition to helping you get toned and stronger, resistance training improves bone density which in turn reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

If you find that you are not achieving your goals, it could be a lack of protein in your diet which is holding you back, as your body needs this to recover and repair, in fact, if you are training regularly your protein requirement can double! A simple, tasty and cost effective way to redress this in-balance is with a delicious Bio-Synergy protein shake and we have a range to choose from including Skinny Protein, Whey Better, Whey Hey. Oatein and Activate.

For best results and subject to your diet, protein should be taken throughout the day, but if you can only remember to have one serving, make sure it is after you exercise. As Bio-Synergy protein is delicious simply add 1 scoop to 250ml water and shake.



Hydration is the key to wellbeing and more often than not, we leave it until we are thirsty before grabbing a drink. If working out a lack of hydration can lead to fatigue and significantly affect your performance. Instead of grabbing a sugar-laden energy drink, opt for Skinny Water available in delicious flavours and fortified with vitamins, minerals and amino acids that we will leave you feeling energised and reduce your sugar cravings too. Each bottle is sugar-free and zero calories so will not set you back.



If you are struggling to squeeze your workout into the time that you have available, then Creatine Plus could be the perfect supplement for you. Contrary to what you may have heard, creatine is a 100% natural supplement and you have up to 100g in your body naturally as it plays a significant role in providing energy. Supplementing with Creatine Plus, will allow you to get the most from every workout by allowing you train harder and longer and reduce your recovery time, so you can either take your intensity to the next level or just finish quicker, the choice is yours.

For best results take 4 capsules per day.


Body Perfect

If you want to rev up your metabolism and energise your workout, Body Perfect is the ideal supplement, it combines natural ingredients that have been proven to work. For best results take 2 capsules before a workout and if a non-training day before your main meal.



If your goal is to feel great and be beautiful inside and out, a good quality multivitamin, particularly as we head into winter is a great daily supplement to ensure your wellbeing.

With more and more of us eating on the go we miss out on many key vitamins such as iron and vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) which not only affects your wellbeing and mood but your fitness too.

So to beat the winter blues and feel great with our selection of award winning vitamins, whether you choose our Super 7 Super Armour which contains essential vitamins, including Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12, as well as Vitamin D and E, or Bio-Synergy Collagen Vitamin with 700mg of the purest marine collagen for radiant skin, hair and nails or Active Woman multivitamin with the addition of amino acids you can be assured of the results.