Time To Build Some Strength With 5×5 Training



Time to break your gym plateaus and build some strength with 5×5 training. This style of training was specifically designed to help you build strength. Each exercise is consists of 5 reps and 5 sets hence 5×5

The workout consists of heavy compounds hitting the major muscle groups. Split into 3 x a week this gives the body enough time to recover so you can come back stronger and leaner.

The below workout is an example of 5×5.

1.Barbell Squat

2.Barbell Bench Press

3.Bent Over Barbell Row

4.Weighted Sit Up

5.Lying Triceps Extensions

Remember to give yourself a day to recover before the next workout to optimise recovery.

Make sure you are also taking on an adequate amount of protein. Shop the Bio-Synergy range here.