12 Week Challenge

3rd week – My 1st Blog.

Unfit but understanding is how I’d describe the challenge so far. After so many years without any type of fitness (the student life huh!) I’ve began on the long road back to the fitness I used to have.
Three weeks in and I can feel the effects of the training and nutritional help we’ve received kicking in. Along with the Bio-Synergy supplements, I am now working harder in the gym and can feel and see the difference in my body tone – arm size has increased and stomach muscles are becoming more prominent. Hallelujah.
The first week was obviously the thoughest, mainly on the food front as I generally just eat what the family’s having – not the healthiest diets I can tell you – but gradually over the last few weeks I’ve begun cooking my own food and taking note of what’s going into my food. The e-mail received yesterday will help hugely as I have been repeating my food choices in the last few weeks – tuna only tastes good for so long! If anyone else has any good recipes they’d like to share, I’m all ears.
The training side hasn’t been too bad on the gym side – a slow increase in weights has been pleasing, lifting more than I’ve ever done before. However the cardio side has been a bit up and down due to shin splints causing me pain after every football training and game – a doctor’s visit is in order I think.
As I go into the 4th week my aims are to build on the strength front and look towards building my overall body mass up – weight gain is my biggest aim of this challenge: time to move it up a gear.
Ciao for now.