12 Week Challenge

12 Week Challenge – Ready & Waiting!

When I first found out that I’d been accepted onto Bio-Synergy’s 12 week Challenge I was over the moon!  It’s been a couple of weeks since I got that email and I cannot wait to officially get going with it and change my body and my life forever!
A little about me – I’m a single mother to my 2 year old son and although I put on some weight after having him, I’ve more-or-less managed to get rid of most of it over the last few months by cutting out most caffeine (except 1 coffee in the morning – sooo hard to let go of that), quitting smoking and generally reducing my portion sizes..  Saying that though – I’ve more or less always worked out throughout my adult life – sometimes I got things right and other times I perhaps overdid it or didn’t eat right/drink right, etc.  Either way – I wasn’t really sure specifically what I was doing right or wrong..  It was mainly guesswork as my mind would often overload with the huge amounts of information and the many things to take into consideration when thinking about nutrition, sports and exercise in regards to the results you personally wish to achieve!  For this reason, among many, I’m really excited to have Ann Mather’s expertise to educate and guide me along the way, as I’m sure she will be able to shine a light on the best way to treat my body for lasting results and optimum fitness without my head exploding like it has on previous self-educational attempts!
I only have one slight worry really and that is only in regards to my 2 and a half year old son who I have with me full-time, so it can sometimes be difficult to do “normal” exercise like I would previously (gym, running, classes).  However I finished my first round of the Shaun T Insanity work-out shortly before I found I’d been accepted onto the challenge and that has really helped to prepare me physically (I hope) and has taught me a lot in regards to using my body-weight and a smaller space to manage high-intensity training each day, even if my son is there trying it with me!
So far I’ve been following Ann’s advice and look forward to receiving the next steps in the process so I can officially start on Monday!  By the end of this challenge I am hoping to have re-educated myself on diet and nutrition so I can use that to create a healthier lifestyle for my son and I.  Of course I also want to work hard to look the best I can – but who doesn’t right?
Look forward to letting you guys know how I get on with my fellow Challenge-takers every week!
Have a wonderful weekend guys – stay smiling & motivated!