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You're Never Too Old…

Having a hard time sticking to your goals? Take some inspiration from these octogenarians who’ve managed to stay in shape despite their age and bodily limitations.
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A 71-year-old Wisconsin woman broke the world record last month for holding the abdominal plank position for almost 37 minutes. Betty Lou Sweeney shattered the previous Guinness World Record by about three minutes at AnytimeFitness near Stevens Point.
In 2009, Sweeney was severely overweight and nearly died from complications from an infection that shut down her kidneys, according to a press release from Anytime Fitness.
She began working out six days a week with personal trainer Dave Candra, lost more than 100 pounds, is medication-free and now holds a world record.

What do you say? If a 71-year old can rebound from near-death to nab a world record in just under two years (without the fantastic help of Bio-Synergy, no less), just think what you can do with motivation and Bio-Synergy on your side!