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Your Daily Inspiration – Sarah Watkins, SuperMom

If you’ve ever felt like your life is weighing you down, Sarah Watkins knows where you’ve been. After having giving birth to three children (one a surrogate for a friend, to boot!), weighing 16 stone, and sporting a size 20, Sarah decided to do some heavy lifting on her own behalf for once.
With her health and a happy future with her children in jeopardy, Sarah decided once and for all to ditch the extra weight.

Sarah in 2008 after giving birth to 3 children.

Armed with a few packs of Bio-Synergy Skinny Water, Sarah embarked on a committed plan of healthy eating, regular exercise, and a few bottle of Skinny Water every day. Sticking to a weight loss plan is never easy, especially with two little ones tearing around the house, but with her eye firmly on a healthy future for her body and the energy to keep up with her rugrats, Sarah stuck to her guns. With the help of Skinny Water, which helps you manage cravings and actively boosts your metabolism, Sarah accomplished an amazing transformation.
“I drank a bottle of fitness water every time I worked out as it gave me that extra bit of energy at the gym,” Sarah says. The results were stunning.
Over just a little more than 7 months, Sarah dropped from a size 20 in her clothes to a size 8.

Sarah looking fabulous in 2009 with her son.

It was a remarkable change. In just a few months of exercising, eating well, and drinking Bio-Synergy Skinny Water, Sarah managed to lose an incredible 6 stone, all without missing beat with her kids and her life.
“I can honestly say that I think Bio-Synergy products were a big part in helping me to achieve this,” Sarah says. “I still drink Skinny Water every day, and over 12 months on, I have maintained my weight loss and still wear size 8 clothes!”

Looking great and loving life thanks to Bio-Synergy.

It’s never easy to make the right choices for your body or your future, but with the help of Bio-Synergy, Sarah was able to look and feel great.
You too can overhaul your life just like Sarah – head over to and see for yourself what you can accomplish. Together with Bio-Synergy, you can Make It Happen!