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Week 2: Road to Rio 2016 Team Bio-Synergy

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This week marked Ben seemingly overloading his suitcase with trainers and Owen concentrating on getting his weight down in preparation for the British Open.
This week Ben has made the trip to France for the European Cup Combined Events Super League
Each country sends four decathletes and four heptathletes to compete. The best three final scores are added together from each of the male and female competition and the highest overall score wins the team event – the lowest team is demoted to the 1st league
Ben highlighted the nightmare entailed with packing for a flight away from the UK when competing:

“Pack for a decathlon is an absolute nightmare – aeroplane baggage limits are loosely adhered to . A bit of sweet talking at the desk usually gets my 25kg+ bag on without any additional charges.
The added inconvenience of Pole vault poles 5m long , javelins & discus make the whole travelling process a bit of a nightmare.
Here is my bag with just the event shoes and competition kit in.”

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Owen has spent the last week getting his weight down as he looks to compete in the British Opens this weekend which is a European Cup so he will be looking to put in a strong performance here. The competition doesn’t have anything to do with Olympic qualification but will allow him to fight some of the top competitors in Europe.
Owen Livesey
After this he will then have two weeks to train until he flies to China for the World Cup in Taipei. This will be for Olympic points. Catching up with Owen, he said the following:

“I’ll be hoping I can peak in time for this and come away with another medal and some points towards my ranking.”

Stay tuned for more updates from the road to #Rio2016. #MakeItHappen